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Sciences de l'Environnement
École doctorale 129

Journée des doctorants 2020

 Affiche JDD 2020 - Mardi 19 et Mercredi 20 mai 2020


May 19th and 20th 2020 - First full visio meeting

PhD days of the Doctoral School « Sciences de l’Environnement d’Ile de France »

Tuesday May 19th 2020éunion-des-doctorants-journee-1

14h00- 15h15: Welcome of participants and Information on the doctoral school:

     Team presentation, ED functioning, you and the ED, Q/A 

15h20 - 15h30 : e-break 

15h30 - 17h00:  Doctors and research in private business:

Which strategy to get a job? Do you give up science when you enter business?...

       by Antoine Mangin and former PhD’s from the doctoral school (ACRI-ST company)  


Wenesday May 20th 2020

9h00-10h30: Conference and discussion: 

Ethic, plagiarism and harassment issues in climate sciences

      by Catherine Jeandel, oceanographer and member of the CNRS national ethic comitee

10h30-10h40 : e-break

10h40-12h20 : Scientific presentations of PhD students

12h20: Conclusion

11e rencontres de l’Ecole Doctorale des Sciences de l’Environnement d’Ile de France


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